Julia Arenson is a Board Certified Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula through the Doula Association of North America CD(DONA). She is a Certified Yoga Instructor, specializing in prenatal, mommy and me and postpartum yoga. Julia also celebrates an over twenty year career as a Middle Eastern dancer and instructor. Historically, belly dance is the earliest form of birth and fertility dance ritual. Passionate about helping women honor and adjust to the emotional and physical changes of pregnancy and postpartum, Julia lives, teaches and radiates her joy of womanhood, motherhood and the power of feminine energy. She believes that all women deserve to be supported and honored through the sacred journey of pregnancy and motherhood.
Private and Community Prenatal, 
Postnatal and Mommy and Me Instruction;
Classes are flowing, compassionate and restorative with an emphasis on alignment 
and the balance of stability, flexibility 
and grace Birth Doula Support: continuous physical 
and emotional support throughout labor 
and birth. Postpartum bonding and 
breast feeding support Education, Companionship and Non-
judgmental Support for new mothers 
and families during the first few days, 
weeks or months after birth Support with Emotional and Physical 
Recovery after Birthing; soothing and coping 
skills for new parents.
Additional local referrals available if needed Organizational and Culinary Expertise to ensure 
a peaceful, smooth-running and nurturing space to rest and bond as a family Assistance with Deepening Parent-Infant Connections through yoga-based developmental exercises and infant massage Private and Community Middle Eastern 
Dance Lessons to prepare your body prior 
to and after childbirth. Earthy and organic movements help relax the body, open the 
hips and prepare the body physically and energetically for labor and birth.

For more information contact:  juliadancingdoula@gmail.com